Regulatory Consulting Services for Foods and Beverages in Canada

Health Canada’s Food & Drugs Act

Complying with the food labelling laws in Canada can be challenging given the gray areas in the regulations and the close proximity of foods and natural health products with respect to ingredients and health benefits.

Let our experience with the regulations help you quickly and efficiently isolate only those regulations that pertain to your food and beverage products, to ensure that your products are in complete compliance with Health Canada’s Food & Drug Regulations. Failure to comply with regulations can result in public warnings and potential recalls, both costly mistakes that are easily avoided with adequate planning up front.

We offer the following regulatory affairs consulting services for foods in Canada:

  • Classification of your product as a food, novel food or natural health product.
  • Preparation of any required novel food applications for your products.
  • Analysis of your food package label and nutrition facts table for compliance with the Canadian Food & Drug Regulations.
  • Review of all advertising planned for your food and beverage products for compliance in Canada.
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