Natural Health Products Consulting Services in Canada

Product licence and site licence applications

The Canadian regulations for vitamins, minerals and other natural health products are unlike any other regulations worldwide, and can be confusing to those who want to export their products for sale into Canada.

We have helped numerous Canadian and foreign companies enter into the natural health product/dietary supplement market at affordable prices. Benefit from our experience and reduce delays in the registration of your products with Health Canada.

Natural health product consulting services include:

  • Assessment of product labels for compliance with Canadian regulations.
  • Detailed review of product formulations.
  • Preparation of product license applications for an NPN [natural product number].
  • Submission of paper-less product license applications to Health Canada.
  • Management of post-license changes.
  • Critique of advertising and websites for compliance with Canadian regulations.
  • Assistance with French translation of product labels.

Natural health product consulting services for site licence applications:

  • Management of supply chain strategy for facilities involved in Canadian natural health product site licence application.
  • Assessment of all facilities for compliance with the Canadian Natural Health Products Good Manufacturing (GMP) guidelines.
  • Creation of standard operating procedures (SOP) required for facility operations.
  • Preparation and submission of natural health product site licence applications.
  • Application preparation for a Health Canada foreign site reference number.
  • Submission of site licence amendments and site licence renewals.

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