Health Canada Cosmetic Updates – Coming Soon

For anyone looking to sell cosmetics in Canada, a cosmetic notification form must be submitted to Health Canada for all products. The on-line notification process, which is the preferred route for submitting these forms, has been on hold while system upgrades are taking place. However Health Canada has indicated that the off-line phase is shortly ending and revisions and updated forms will be available as early as November 6, 2016.

This is welcome news for those of us using the current fillable PDF forms which tend to be on the slow side. Health Canada will release new HTML forms to replace the PDF ones.

The “update” is long over due and cosmetics have been lagging behind drugs and natural health products in terms of paperless processes. Hopefully the new system will be superior and easy-to-use for manufacturers and importers who wish to sell cosmetics in Canada.

This update will impact both the Cosmetic Notification Form and the Incident Report Form (to be used by consumers and industry for reporting an incident involving cosmetics).