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Workout Supplements – 10 Days to Licensing

It’s no great surprise to anyone that dietary supplement use has been on the rise over the past decade. More and more of us are interested in getting healthy and getting fit, and these products certainly have potential benefits. The workout supplement category has undergone exponential grown in terms of products offered on line and on store-shelves in Canada.

Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Product Directorate has finalized the Workout Supplement monograph and paved the road to approval for manufacturers seeking market authorization of workout supplements in Canada.  Manufacturers who wish to use the monograph for their product license applications simply need to ensure that the medicinal ingredients in their supplement are covered by the Workout Supplement monograph. The proposed use of products such as health claims and levels of medicinal ingredients per dose must also match those provided in the monograph. Product license applications for workout supplements that comply are approved within 10 days!

Ingredients covered in the workout supplement monograph include:

  • Flaxseed protein, whey protein forms, hemp protein, potato protein and other proteins.
  • Essential amino acids such as isoleucine, tryptophan and methionine.
  • Non-essential amino acids and carbohydrates.
  • Caffeine
  • And many more ….

How to use the monograph:

  • Review the allowable ingredients in the monograph and compare them to what’s in your product.
  • Check the permitted product use statements found under the Use or Purposes heading of the monograph.
  • Carefully consider the mandatory cautions and warning statements that would be required for your product.

Learn more about the Workout Supplement Monograph: